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Pallet Racking

Here at Stys Inc. we BUY and SELL, NEW and USED Pallet Racking.  All makes and types.  

Our Pallet Racking consists of Uprights, Beams and Wire Decking.

Uprights:  Vertical Frames between 8' and 25" feet high.  Depth is mostly 36", 42", 44", & 48" deep.  Other sizes are also made

Beams:  These horizontal cross members very in terms of load capacity, length and height.  Most beams are 8' Long x 4" H with a 5000 lb. capacity weight.  Other lengths include 84", 96", 102", 108", 120", 132", and 144". 

Wire Decking: This is a wire mesh decking that creates a surface for pallets.  This fits between beam and upright and comes in several capacities.  Most common is 2500 lb.

We also Buy and Sell New and Used the following:

Cantilever Rack
Drive-In Rack
Drive-Thru Rack
Pallet-Flow Racks
Carton-Flow Racks